Net Zero Solar is a Full-Service Solar Installation Company

As an Arizona home or business owner, you can take advantage of our state's abundant and 100% renewable sunshine-along with current incentives and powerful modern solar technology—to reap all the benefits of a solar PV system.

Arizona typically gets more than one-fourth of its net electricity generation from nuclear power. Coal-fired power plants provide a larger share, about two-fifths of the state's net generation. Natural gas fuels another one-fourth, and hydroelectric generation provides the balance. In Tucson, about 90% of our electricity comes from coal and natural gas. As an Arizona resident, you can reduce our carbon footprint by going solar, meeting your energy needs and saving money while making a positive environmental impact.

Arizona's solar industry has seen tremendous growth during the time Net Zero Solar has been in business. In fact, it's experiencing one of the largest increases in solar installations in the nation. In 2015, Arizona installed 258 MW of solar electric capacity, ranking it fifth nationally, with $582 million invested in solar installations. And we're expected to install twice as much over the next five years as we did during the last five!

We're proud to be part of that equation—and delighted to help our fellow residents and local businesses become part of the solution too!

If you'd like to join the growing movement of people turning to solar for clean, affordable energy, we look forward to helping you explore your options! Just contact us for a free site evaluation. We'll answer all your questions and help you determine if solar is right or your home or business.

For more information on net metering in Arizona, see our Net Metering page. For energy policy updates, visit our blog and follow us on social media.