Net Zero Solar Is a Full-Service Solar Installation Company

All of our grid-connected systems include lifetime monitoring. With Enphase microinverters, every system includes the Enphase Energy Enlighten monitoring system. This system monitors the power production of each solar module and microinverter pair.

Data is collected from the microinverters every five minutes and sent to Enphase's servers, where it is then displayed to the customer, and to us as the installer. In the background, Enphase monitors production from each microinverter, comparing actual energy output against predicted energy output. If there is any discrepancy, an email alert is sent to us as the installer, as well as to you as the customer.

If your system is under-performing—whether due to a component issue, shading, dirt or another problem, we'll know about it—and make sure it's fixed!

For most systems, we are also able to offer home energy consumption monitoring. This allows customers to see how much energy they're using in each 15-minute period throughout the day, which offers a solid understanding of how and when they use energy.

Observing trends in your production and usage lets you adjust habits and modify usage to maximize production and savings. You and your family can actually see both the financial and environmental impact of your system.

During the system commissioning period, we also take detailed look at system performance.

Below, we offer links to real-time performance display for two of our installed systems, plus an image of the Enphase energy consumption monitoring display. This demonstrates the kind of information you'll have at your fingertips regarding current and past performance of your solar electric system.

Steve & Suzi's Solar Shack

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Residential Energy Consumption Monitoring

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Woofenden Residence

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